Word of the Day: bezonian

I’d thought this story up when the award was announced, and planned to have it all written up and ready to go today, but I thought I’d have ages of time, and kept putting it off, until it was today. I don’t even yet have a word picked out. Gadzooks.

Today’s Word:


As in:

Protesters gathered outside the building where President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize. The crowd was angry that the award had been given to Obama on very thin grounds.

The group believes that the Noble Prizes should not be given except to those that have accomplished something noteworthy, not to people that might do something, or to encourage them to follow-through with their best-laid plans. Many of those attending the protest feel that this year, the award should simply be renamed the “Thank God He’s Not George W Bush” Award.

“In that case, they should give it to everyone who’s not George Bush. All six billion of us. And, heck, if we all got a cash prize with it, I think that would make one heck of a stimulus package, and possibly money better spent than the bailout funds…”

“You might as well even give it to the bezonian Bernard Madoff. After all, he only stole money. He also didn’t start a war and is also not George W. Bush.”

“Mostly, I just want awards to mean something, and to really reward excellence. If there was no one that actually earned the award, it shouldn’t be given. It reminds me of that stupid award in the Simpsons. You know, ‘The First Annual Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence’ which Burns gave to Homer to make sure Homer didn’t sue the power plant. It *feels* the same. But, this is the *Nobel* prizes. They mean something. Or, at least, they used to mean something.”

The prize committee had no comment.

I think this was funnier before I wrote it.

bezonian / bee – ZONE – ee – ann /     a low fellow or scoundrel