Word of the Day: lexiphanic

Multiple deadlines have lead me to pull out this story. Hope you like it.

Today’s Word:


As in:

In the middle of the revolution, the down-trodden, powerless peasants were quickly finding the persons of prominence in their society and quickly dispatching them. This proved to be unfortunate for Max, who, despite his class standing which was equivalent to those of the “down-trodden”, was unrepentantly lexiphanic.

As he walked home from work late one night, two more passionate members of the revolution stopped him and asked him what he was doing. When Max innocently replied, “I am, as is my custom, ambulating towards my domicile following the expiration of my daily labors.” The two men, becoming suspicious of Max’s political affiliations, and not comprehending the answer they were given, looked at each other. The biggest of the two then said simply: “Huh? What’re you talking about?”

To which Max replied, “I am responding with a simple, yet sesquipedalian, expression, which is intended to suffice as the rejoinder to your infuriating query. I would appreciate greatly if you would withdraw and allow me to proceed.”

The two men, convinced now that Max was a spy, and had insulted them by calling them sesquipedalians, no longer cared to talk with him, and merely decided to beat him. It made them feel much better.

lexiphanic / LEX-eh-fan-ik / given to the use of pretentious terminology. Sound familiar? Bonus points for those that remember sesquipedalian. If that’s not you, well, look it up. It’s good for you.