Word of the Day: protrusile

This has been a challenging week, filled with car issues, exhaustion, a touch of sickness, and more stuff you probably don’t want to know about, and which sound mostly hollow and lame, and contribute nothing except filling this introduction space. Skip this top part, won’t you? Thanks.

Today’s Word:


As in:

A mother of an HIV-positive girl filed a complaint against the Girl Scouts of America for allegedly discriminating against her child because of the girl’s HIV status. The girl was originally invited to join her local Girl Scout troop, but,
when her mother revealed that the girl was carrying the virus, the girl was “uninvited.”

However, a spokesperson for the group insists that the girl was not “uninvited” due to her infection, but rather because of her many protrusile appendages, which the troop leader claimed were evidence that the girl was not human, and
was really either “one of those creatures like the one Will Smith delivered in the movie Men in Black, or Cthulu itself.”

The leader cites other evidence that the child was not human, including a tendency to want to eat other Girl Scouts, a predilection for making loud obnoxious noise whilst producing a sticky, smelly residue, and an “inhuman”  distaste for Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies.

Actually, the girl was eventually accepted into the troop, but sources say the leader is now missing. Okay. No, the leader isn’t missing. The cookie coordinator is. Ha! Type to you all later.

protrusile / pro-TROO-sil / adj. that which can be protruded or thrust out, as a tentacle, or an elephant’s trunk, etc.