Word of the Day: nidificate

It’s Wednesday! You know what that means? That’s right! Date night! I bet you’re also expecting a story inspired by Ghost Hunters! Wrong! Instead, it’s a trip into the wide world of dirt.

Today’s Word:


As in…

Adventures in Dirt

These short scenes are part of the upcoming film, “Adventures in Dirt” about the hopes, dreams and aspirations of that substance, known by some as soil, but known to vast majority of us English speakers, simply, and perhaps mistakenly, as dirt. Read on…

Scene 1: A construction lot. piles of dirt are everywhere. A conversation can be heard by those with extraordinary ears and an open mind willing to believe in the vocal ability of the organic and mineral laden material known as dirt.

“I never thought we’d make it! All my life I’ve crowded down, down, away from the light of the powerful sun, hidden from all eyes. Now, I’m the Dirt of the World! I’ve made it to the light, and I move many feet away from my original resting place! I am an explorer I am a world traveler, I am all that I had hoped I would be!”

Scene 12: A similar lot, but in a poor part of an urban landscape. Here the dirt lies in similar piles, but cannot escape its downtrodden existence. The best hope for the members of this dusty community is to escape by latching on to the impoverished children that come to play here, and from their homes, perhaps even better things. A muffled, grimy voice can be heard over the plaintiff music.

“If only I could leave the confines of this hole. I’m wasting my life here. I didn’t chose to be born, and I certainly didn’t chose to be born here. Stuck here by the color of my particles. ‘Too much iron,’ they say, or ‘too much radiation.’ Is this my fault?! Oh, if only I could nidificate like the birds. If only I could move of my own accord, then I would be worthy of the gift of thought!”

Scene 42: A cemetery. The grass is green, but there are also small piles of rich, dark soil here. The discussion is somber, but calm and respectful. “How peaceful it is to be part of the blessed folk that live in the cemetery. It is the best to hope for. Sometimes, I dream that I will get to rest on the wooden resting place of some great thinker, some famous person, and then, as they deteriorate, I can become one with their earthly vessel, and the matter that combined to form the organic compounds of their body, will mingle with my own, and I too can achieve transcendence. This is the true hope of my kind.”


nidificate / NIDH – if – eh – kate / : to build a nest. Thought it had to do with flight, didn’t you? Well, dirt wishes to be able to build a nest, a home of its own. It has no illusions of grandeur, and doesn’t put false hope in the ability to fly. Not like us humans…