Word of the Day: discardure

You probably noticed I’ve not posted at all lately, and, even never finished the last series. I sorta hit a big wall, and came to the conclusion that I’m probably not yet at a place where I can do a story daily.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to only post word of the day stories when I’ve got a polished story and story idea. That means, no publishing something just to publish something.

And, to better live up to the idea of a “Geek of all Trades,” I’m going to post more of a column, about living in Colorado, random geekery, and television. All things with which I have some affinity. I’m planning to post a few times a week on one of those topics.

Anyway, I’ve had this story written for months, and I’ve been waiting until today to post it. I think the reason for that will be clear as soon as you read the story after…

Today’s Word:


As in:

There’s a magical place, near and yet so far from the world we know. In this place, an island of dreams and wonder, live the most amazing people. The people who live in this place are all talented artists, with unusual skill. Some are writers; some painters, others singers or dancers, others do a little bit of each. The people around them, secure in their ability and artistic judgment, observe each other, and happily give each other praise for their skills reassuring and bolstering each other’s confident view of their work.

The artists seldom travel outside their little world. When they do, the mundane world, where people fail to understand them and often tell them their talents are lacking, crashes into their security and damages their most sacred thoughts about themselves. It is difficult to transport their magical world with them, and the mundane weapons of criticism can be lethal to those from the magical island. Those that do venture forth return scarred, and it takes much praise and comfort from their fellows to make them whole again. They rarely venture forth again, but on those rare occasions, they carry with them a spirit of righteous indignation, lashing out against those mundane folks who dare insult their talent.

The mundane world is often as confused by these visitors as the visitors themselves. They come to sing or dance, and it is difficult for the magical people to classify the things the others do as singing or dancing. The non-magical people quickly dismiss these performers, judging they lack talent, or even worse, that their performance was unbearably horrifying.

When faced with this sort of discardure, the artists, unashamed and confused, angrily dismiss the opinions of the non-magical, and return to the safety of their world, better known to its outsiders as “Disillusionment Island,” or “The place where those awful American Idol wannabees come from.”

Indeed. American Idol is  back, and embarrassing tryouts are again making an appearance.

discardure / dis – CARD – yur /  Rejection, dismissal