Word of the Day: drogulus

I had an “adventure” tonight, in which my gas oven switch broke, and the oven was still on. Thank goodness for friends who live close, and are good with those sorts of things. Anyway, it put a bit of a delay in things, but, the show must go on.

Continuing my salute to sweeps, I had the idea of a very special crazy crossover between Supernatural and Gray’s Anatomy. I’m guessing savvy TV fans might know where I’m going with this…

Today’s Word:


As in:

The Winchester brothers have found themselves on the trail of a one of the most dangerous creatures they’ve yet encountered: a cannibalistic 6-foot-tall bunny with an addiction to show tunes. Not pretty. The trail has brought them to the city of Seattle.

While driving through the city, a driver runs a red-light, and rams into the Impala. Sam is injured, and rushed to the hospital. Dean comes along in the ambulance.

Sam’s injury isn’t serious, and it is soon clear that both he and the car will make full recoveries. X-rays reveal that Sam has a simple broken wrist.

While waiting to have his wrist casted, Sam’s has a vision of his dad. His vision tells him that his father was once a patient in this very hospital. His vision indicates that his dad was treated by a young, blond woman. He signals Dean, “Dean! Was dad ever in Seattle? What would bring him here?”

Dean shrugs.

As they waited, the blond woman from Sam’s vision has walked past his room. Sam jumps off the table and goes after her.

Izzie Stephens was simply walking down the hallway when a young man came out of a treatment room rushing towards her. Sam pulls a picture out of his pocket, and shows her a picture of his dad.

“Excuse me, did you know this man?”

Izzie stops breathing. The color drains from her face. “How did you… I mean… He’s dead…”

Sam is confused. “Yes,” he stammers,  “He was my dad.”

It was Izzie’s turn to be confused. “That can’t be. He didn’t have any… We were going to be married. Denny…”

“Denny?”  Sam says. “Not John?”

Just then, Denny’s ghost appears to Izzy. She looks over, and then away, trying not to look.

Sam sees “Denny” standing near the wall. “Dad?”

Izzie is startled. “You can see him? How? No one else ever sees…”

Sam said, “Not sure. Dean! Quick!”

Dean enters the hallway. “What?”

“It’s dad!”

Dean whips around, confused. “Where?”

“Right there! Can’t you see him?”

“You sure you didn’t get knocked on the head?”

“Shut up. She sees him, too. Don’t you?”

Izzie nodds. “I see Denny, but, I don’t know this “John” person.”

The shade shifts guiltily. “Yeah. I’m sorry, I never mentioned my, well, ‘other’ life. If it’s any consolation, they didn’t know I was rich…”

Walks over to him. If he’d been solid, he’d have been quite painfully slapped.

Sam looks confused. “Why’d you do that?”

Izzie looks at him. “Didn’t you hear him?”

“No. He talked? Can he hear me?”

Both Sam and Izzie see John/Denny nod.

Sam thinks. “I think what we have here is a drogulus.”

Dean nodds. “Sure, we do. And in a language that might be English?”

Sam sighs. “You never did pay attention to anything, did you? A drogulus is sorta a ghost. But, she can hear him, and we can’t.”

“Ma’am. You said you were going to be married? Really? I’m not sure I believe dad would ever get married again. Not after mom… Though, you’re definitely nice to look at. I dunno. Might not even really be dad, just some guy who looks like him. Does he bother you? We could, um, maybe, get rid of him for you.”

Izzie thinks on this a minute. “You really can see him? I’m not completely crazy?”

Sam nods “Not completely. Though, if he is, or, was, our dad, well, it’s probably for the best you never married him.”

Izzie looks relieved. “Well, if you can see him, and I’m not crazy, well, I think I’ll keep him around, if that’s okay. I mean, he’s harmless, and, even though I’m currently not feeling entirely ecstatic over the idea of a secret family, well, I’ve gotten used to having him around. Anyway, nice to meet you…”

“Sam. And this is my brother, Dean.”

“Izzie. Well, I’m late, I’ll come back later….”

The brothers share a look. As soon as Sam’s wrist is bandaged, the two leave the hospital, pretty sure that whoever this “Denny” was, he wasn’t their father.

I think I need sleep. I’m starting to rethink this idea. For those that might’ve been vaguely confused by this story, “Denny” and “John Winchester” are played by the same wonderful actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I’ve always liked him.

drogulus / DROG – you – luss / an entity whose presence is unverifiable because it has no physical effects.