Word of the Day: perfidious

It is Veteran’s Day, and first and foremost, I’d like to thank all the veterans who have defended this country. Thank you!

I’m hoping I’ll be able to get this sent off while it still is Veteran’s Day, but, I must admit, it’s a going to be a challenge. I’m hoping this vague-ish idea will turn into something before I hit “Send.”

Today’s Word:


As in:

7:15 AM Stiff and sore, my eyes open. It was amazingly, a good night’s rest, but, I always hope to stay in bed for as long as possible. Days here are exhausting and physically demanding.

7:20 AM I probably thought too loud. He’s up and the day has begun. I’m jerked out of the bed forcibly by the arm. Yikes. Take it easy! He drags me along with just the one arm. I’m pretty sure I heard my shoulder snap. Watch the head! I go dizzy, as my head is knocked by the door jam of the small room.

7:35 AM I’m jammed into a chair, and there is some nasty, wet, glop that he’s trying to force into my mouth. It dribbles all down my front, and I’m soon covered in this moist substance some might refer to as food. I don’t eat much, still dizzy and queasy from the concussion.

8:05 AM After enduring breakfast and a forceful, cold, and wet cleaning, my tormentor is now grabbing my simple tunic and throwing me against the ground.

8:15 AM A break. My keeper has grown tired of me, and has let me to lie on the floor without further molestation. My shoulder is aching, and I’m sure that my head is never going to stop spinning.

11:45 AM I’m collected by my leg, and another attempt is made to “Feed me.”  Nothing stays in. Another harsh cleaning.  He now thinks it would be fun to bite my ear. Saliva gets into every pore.

12:30 PM A rest break. I’m hoping it will last for several hours.

1:15 PM Groan. He’s back at it. My limbs ache. He’s back to biting, and my ears and nose are covered again in small teeth marks, and I am having trouble hearing.  Not in the eye! Blinded, I just hope it all will end soon.

1:47 PM He’s gone back to ignoring me again for now. If I stop moving, and make no noise, maybe he’ll forget me for a few hours.

7:30 PM I caught a break, and have been ignored until now.  At the risk of sounding perfidious, and, yes, I’m allowed to use big words now and again, I’m grateful for down time. It’s bed time that I live for, this is when he’s stopped the pulling, and the biting, and it’s all hugs. I can forgive my keeper a great deal when hugs are involved. Soon, he’s sleeping soundly again, I’m warm and cozy in his arms. It’s never easy to satisfy the whims of a small child, but, being tucked into bed at night, I’m a pretty content bear. I doze off, recharging for another day.

This story is for my littlest sister, who had the idea in the first place, and whose son has a Pooh Bear, who has days much like the one recorded here.

perfidious / per – FIH – dee – us / faithless, treacherous, disloyal