Word of the Day: dubiety

Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday we were enjoying the weekend, and not thinking about the horror of the work week? It was? Oh.

Is it Friday yet? No? You’re sure? Well then. I’ll just be over there.

Today’s Word:


As in:

It looked innocent enough. After all, campaign buttons have been around for decades. Except… What was it doing on the floor? Just lying there, by the corner of the cubicle. Weirder, it wasn’t there before everyone left for the weekend. How did it get there?

All those who passed surely saw it. While it was right next to the cubicle, it wasn’t *in* the cubicle, so, even though it seemed likely that it belonged to the occupant of the cubicle, it hadn’t moved from its spot. There was more than a small amount of dubiety about whether the person supported the candidate emblazoned on the button, and did that matter in cases of “ownership?” Maybe someone simply collected campaign buttons.

As the day progressed, people kept checking for camera. Maybe it was a test? If someone picked up the button did that show support for the candidate? What if it did belong to the cubicle owner, and she came out and noticed?

Could it be a way for the company to learn their employee’s political sympathies? If they didn’t jibe with management’s would they find a way to phase out anyone whose politics didn’t match the corporate climate? Maybe there was a camera hidden in a file cabinet somewhere to capture the poor schlub who was gullible enough to pick up the button.

And then, as mysteriously as it appeared, the button vanished. No one seemed to know what had happened to it. Employees started to become even more nervous.

Finally, the pressure was too much for Ted, who got on the intercom, and screamed, “I can’t take it anymore! Where did it go! What does it all mean?! Are you people insane?”

Security was called, and Ted was escorted out of the building. As the led him out of the door, he passed a cleaning cart, and, in the trash, sat the innocent looking button. It seemed to “wink” at Ted, who started screaming all over again.

I’m really going to be glad when the election is over.  Yup. Ted might not be the only one screaming in handcuffs before it’s over.

dubiety / dube – EYE – it – ee / doubtfulness, uncertainty, doubt