Word of the Day: prolocutor

Tomorrow is Boss’s Day, which is the inspiration for this story. To be more than perfectly honest, I had no real notion that it was Boss’s Day until my sister said she needed to go to get gift cards for her bosses. Apparently, she has six. Ridiculous.

Anyway, I might be giving away too much before I even get to…

Today’s Word:


As in:

The protesters were out early this year. They met, as usual, at the biggest building in the city, where more than 500 employers had offices. Their protest was an annual occurrence, but, no one knew exactly why they bothered. After all, what power did the people in this typical office building have to meet their demands? And why were they the focus of the anger? No one in the building had done anything to create the object of their discontent.

Signs reading “Everyday is Boss’s Day!” and “Death to Holidays Mandated by the Man!” waved on the shoulders of “business casual” garbed protesters.

A prolocutor with a megaphone, voiced the slogans towards the normal office workers going to work. “Who makes Boss’s Day? Bosses. Does anyone feel that a gift to the boss comes with no strings attached? And who is the first person to be overlooked for a promotion? The person who failed to get the boss a card. This is harassment, pure and simple, folks! It’s time to take away the “Boss’s Day!”

Besides my sister’s trip to get something for six bosses, she has a friend who works at a law firm, where the office secretaries had planned a lunch for the employees to buy for the bosses. Each employee’s share was $40, $20 for the employee, and $20 toward the bosses’ lunches. My sister’s friend had to go through some hoops to get out of the lunch, because she couldn’t afford it, and the social stigma associated was not insignificant. I type it again: Ridiculous.

prolocutor / pro – LOHK – cue – tor / Spokesperson.