Save Our Words!

In response to this <a href=””>contest,</a> I’d like to offer the following submission. All the words are included.

Cassandra pleaded with the officer.

“A fubsy female with griseous hair is captive in an olid oubliette! She’s in an agrestic region, covered in recrement! She’s donned a jade periapt! Heed my fatidical words! She’s in peril!

The officer looked confused. “Ma’am, you seem to be upset about something. If you’ll stop the hysterics, and talk slowly, maybe we could see what’s the matter.”

“Officer, my intention is not to embrangle, and I assure you, I suffer no caducity. My apodeictic vaticinations do not deserve disdain. My sesquipedalian speech is with veracity compossible! I am typically the very portrait of mansuetude.

The officer sneered. “Look, if you can’t speak English, don’t waste my time.”

“Do not vilipend me, sir. If your niddering attitude stems from my muliebrity, I may yet become oppugnant. There is a woman in need of abstergent, she’s petrified, huddled in caliginosity, awaiting avail! I beg you, please, ignore the malison of obfuscatory language!”

The officer signaled for assistance to remove the unintelligible woman.

Taking the hint, Cassandra started to leave the station. If the police would not help her save the unfortunate woman, she would go alone.

“I will leave you and your netid environs. Your disregard serves as roborant to my resolve.”

With that, she left the station, as pigeons scattered in a skirr before her purposeful stride.