Word of the Day: sciolism

I’ve been thinking about many things in the last few weeks, and this story occurred to me a few days ago, as all of the nation’s children returned to the hallowed halls of school.

Today’s Word:


As in:

Mrs. Wright’s third grade summer school class had just finished its special July 4th history section, and as a learning exercise, little Bobby Taylor, aged 15 and a half, and nearly a three time graduate of Mrs. Wright’s class, was assigned to present his learning over the last few months. As you will see, his presentation was something of a sciolism.

“Over two hundred years ago, before Samuel Adams was a brewer, and Ben Franklin a kind of day planner, the great nation of the North American Continent, the corporation of the United States of Canada Part II: The Shooting Starts, was founded by a shot herded around the world. It was in the seventeen hundreds that these revolting people, who lived on the east coast and had slavery and rum and mosquitoes, fought against the British and the French and Indians to get free tea. Paul Revere was also there making pots and teeth and proving he was a lousy friend who lets the horse he borrowed get captured by the British in the middle of the night.

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sciolism / s – EYE – low – is – m / : superficial knowledge, especially a show of learning without any substantial foundation.