Word of the Day: xanthous

One of my not-so-secret-after-I-type-this “geek” pursuits is, well, the yo-yo. I’ve been know to carry them with me on errands, play with them while standing in line at the bank, and entertained children and coworkers with tricks of various sorts. Yes, go ahead, point and laugh. I can take it.

Today’s Word:


As in:

In yet another example of the losses of rights and freedom in our country, a member of the International Yo Society was sent to jail for doing nothing more than engaging in his “God given right to Yo.”

Homer Frederickson, 28, was put in jail for two days when a judge spied Frederickson “Shoot the Moon” with his xanthous Duncan Hyper-Imperial Yo-Yo. Frederickson was jailed for contempt.

Judge Moore explained, “I saw this yellowish thing zip by my head, and I have to admit, it just about scared me to death.”

When released, Frederickson expressed his anger at what many have described as a “grave injustice to the people.” Frederickson declared “I didn’t do anything wrong. I was merely expressing myself. The Yo, and by extension, being in the State of Yo, should be regarded as a freedom alongside life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We will longer stand idly by while our rights are violated! The Yo and happiness for all!”

Frederickson was in the court room for the trials of several members of the International Yo Society who are accused of inciting riots over the “Yo Manifesto,” which identifies the tenets of Yoda, the Great Master.

The violence between the anti-Yo faction and the “non-violent” Yo Masters has continued to escalate, despite repeated attempts at peace. Many of the Yo Masters continue to claim human rights violations have been committed against their peaceful society by various anti-Yo factions, and demand that the guilty “shatterers of the serenity of the string” be brought to justice.


Have you seen the Mountain Dew commercials with the yo-yos as weapons? I love that commercial. There are quibbles about whether yo-yos would make an actual weapon, but, I won’t bore you with the minutia I happen to have a link…

xanthous: \ ZAN-thes \ yellow, or yellowish.