Word of the Day: malison

This idea, was “fleshed out” with help from my sister, so this one’s for her. Anyway, here’s…

Today’s Word


As in:

As the population of the Earth falls deeper into sedentary lifestyles, a new super hero has emerged from the ashes of a laboratory disaster to fight the evils of heart disease, poor diet and improper eating habits. He is “The Digestinator.”

While working on an arterial plaque reduction agent, Dr. Mark Hastings, famed nutritionist and fanatic defender of arteries and digestive health, was the victim of a bizarre accident. An accident which rendered the upper layers of his body completely and totally invisible. Because of this accident, the only remaining visible parts of his corpus were his digestive system, his kidneys, liver and his spleen.

Realizing that his new situation put him in a frighteningly powerful position. A position which gave the passionate nutritionist a unique method of fighting the things he had always fought. As a startlingly visible digestive model, “The Digestinator” continued his quest. Consuming food guaranteed to insult the senses of the couch potatoes of the world, he uses his “super digestive strength” to illustrate the folly of poor eating habits.

And though he must live with this strange malison for the rest of his life,
he continues to hope that the power of digestion will allow some fulfillment of his dream of a world freed from heart disease.

Yes, that’s right, a new twist on the invisible man notion. And a bit gross, maybe, but, hey, wacky weird ideas have their place as well. Until tomorrow.

malison / mal-EH-son / curse, malediction.