Word of the Day: galeanthropy

Can you believe this blog is four days old? Me neither. It feels so much older than that. I hope you’re not getting tired of me yet. Maybe it’s time for…

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As in:

It was the beginning of the end. No sooner had the tiny hamster returned from an extended visit with the strange, unshaven man, Bob, that the small rodent began to manifest the symptoms of his terrible condition. Within a few days of falling under the influence of Bob, the small creature once known as Lenny, became known to most as the cat-beast. To Bob, he was known as Fluffy, a moniker which feigned innocence and belied the creature’s true spirit of aggressive malevolence.

As the symptoms of Fluffy/Lenny’s galeanthropy deepened, his behavior became more erratic. Soon Fluffy/Lenny was rapidly alternating between states of pure contentedness and extreme agitation. He took to chasing mice, rats and others of rodent kind. Bathing became an obsession, and Fluffy/Lenny was constantly observed to be simultaneously arrogant, nonchalant, reserved and commanding. Fierce and organized were his attacks on insects, rodents and even floating leaves or bits of lint.

But, one day this fierce and evil creature happened by a mirror. Seeing a hamster in the mirror, Fluffy/Lenny bristled and showed his fangs. And then, Fluffy/Lenny saw a most unusual sight: a fierce hamster, bearing its flat rodent teeth and looking as if it were ready to pounce.

The sight of a fierce hamster resisting the attack of the mighty Fluffy/Lenny, unnerved Fluffy/Lenny greatly. The small creature backed up a step. Seeing the hamster opposing him likewise retreat, Fluffy/Lenny became confident again, and, with a swift motion, pounced toward his opponent. At that same instant, the hamster also leapt. Anticipating the colossal midair collision, Fluffy/Lenny’s heart, in a state of shock and fear, remembered that it was encased in the body of a hamster, gave out and Fluffy/Lenny fell, dead.

When I started typing this story, I actually had no idea what I was going to write about. So, I started with the opening sentence. Interesting, but, still no clue. I typed the next sentence. And then I found the word. And then, I had a story. A story about a fierce hamster who scares himself to death. Yes, quite satisfying. Until next time.

galeanthropy /Gal-ee-ANT-roe-pea / The delusion that one has turned into a cat.