Word of the Day: zenzizenzizenzic

When I think of how much of my life I spend not knowing today’s word, well, I feel as though I’d been seriously deprived of oxygen for all my life until this moment.

Didn’t fool you, did I? Oh well. Maybe this world will fill a whole in your life that you didn’t know you needed filled.

Today’s Word:


As in:

“Well, if you remember that the zenzizenzizenzic of 2 is 256, (which is, of course 16 squared) then you have to realize that the purchase of an Infinity would not be wise until after the 12th.”

“But, dear, I can’t understand why you’re refusing to take into account the obvious implications of the fact that it’s Sept 2, 2008, a sum of 21, which is 3 times 7, which obviously means your seventh car should be a KIA, which also is a 21.”

“Pshaw. A KIA? Not with my 106. Don’t forget that. But if we buy the car on the last day of the month, we could either take the cube root of 216, which, even you will remember, is 6, and then buy a Legend, or a Taurus, unless that conflicts with the fifth root of 243, which is three, and we will have to settle for a Dodge Neon.”

“Well, that tears it. I’m never again letting you talk me into buying a car using numerology. A Neon? Where are we supposed to put the kids’ car seats? Forget it. We’re getting a minivan.”


Okay. That’s what happens when I get tired. It’s an amusing notion when you’re really tired and marginally punchy. Oh well. Type to you tomorrow.

zenzizenzizenzic: / ZEN-ziz-EN-ziz-en-zic / the eighth power of a number. Had to do it. Not only because of the “z’s” but, well, math words are cool, as math is cool. So says I.